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Brooklyn-based singer songwriter Cameron Mitchell was raised in North Carolina and came of musical age in the 90s. He brings his past and present influences to bear in his first full album, Maspeth.


This 11-song country rock record is a winding auditory journey of waltzing piano ballads, overdriven-amp rockers, and heart-felt stories echoed by the twang of pedal steel and vocals of long-time collaborator, Carrie Welling.


Cameron started recording Maspeth in a self-storage unit turned DIY music studio somewhere above a hockey rink in Queens. “The first session was in January 2016 and it was freezing. The wind was howling and the mics could easily pick up the hiss of the room,” he notes. Despite the conditions, the results were the foundation of a 15-month project involving nearly a dozen local artists: musicians, audio pros, and even a multi-media artist commissioned to create the album artwork.


Cameron debuts Maspeth at Rockwood Music Hall on Wednesday, July 19, 2017. The album launches on iTunes and Spotify July 12.

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