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My Oh My, Honey Pie & Lucky in Love (2016)

1. My Oh My, Honey Pie

2. Lucky in Love

1. Good Morning, Heartbreak

2. Woman in Love

3. Sometimes Things Just Fade

4. Maybe I Was Looking for You

5. Just Before

6. Darlin', Let Me Warn You

Chelsea No Evil (2015)

1. Three Fourths Through a Fifth of Jack

2. Steal Daddy's Drink

3. Should've, Could've, Would've

4. Whore of a Heart

5. Sun Will Keep Shining

6. Summer's Coming Soon

7. I Don't Know How to Slow Down

In Everything You Do (2013)

Maspeth (2017) - Releasing July 12, 2017

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1. Let Me Tell You How

2. Promise Not To Leave

3. Free Advice (is Seldom Cheap)

4. Tell Me

5. Folds in the Towels

6. Another Night (I Suppose)

7. The Sound of Music (If You Couldn't Tell)

8. Here Comes the Future

9. I Need a Girl

10. I Told All My Friends

11. East Side to East Side

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